Great picture showing the wonderful shine of my head.

Hi, I am Zane. Nice to meet you!

I am an engineer at heart. At 15 I was developing video games and applications. At this point in my life, I have been a web developer for way longer than I have been an adult.

I am passionate about what I do. I have a pretty extensive and unique work history that highlights some of my accomplishments. I have had the chance to make some pretty profound impacts. I find my success through thoughtful leadership, being vulnerable, and being collaborative. I strive to be the best partner to my stakeholders, and leader to my teams.

When I am not engaged at work, I try and spend time with my little ones. I have two energetic, erratic, and exceptional little girls. And we go on all kinds of real and imaginary adventures together.

And sometimes I write half-baked articles and post them online on this site.